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CM Industrial Hoist Products

CM Industrial Hoists Products and Accessories

CM Industrial Hoists, chains and forgings are recognized for durability, reliability and toughness. Their powered and manual hoists go through stringent product manufacturing and testing processes, and are known for dependable operation.

If you don't see the CM Industrial Hoists and accessories you're looking for... let us know and we'll find it for you! Just use the form on our Contact Us page to make a request or call for more information at 800-279-2267 for an even faster response!

RS Electric Motors is your CM Industrial Hoist Products and Accessories supply resource.


CM Hoists Industrial Products and Accessories
  • New Hoist/Pullers and Accessories

    Hoist & Trolley Specification Book
    Hoist test stand (manually operated)
    Hurricane hand chain hoist
    Lodestar XL electric chain hoist
    Model CBT - Plain or Geared Trolleys - Versatile, Economical and Reliable
    Oil Field Puller
    Series 602 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist
    Series 603 Mini Ratchet
    Series 653 - Lever operated hoist
    Series 84A Industrial Grade Trolley
    ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist
  • Air Balancer

    CM Max Air Balancer
    CM Max Air Balancer cutaway
    CM Max Air Balancer accessories


  • CM Bridge Kits

    Top-running dual drive kit
    Top-running hand-geared kit
    Top-running push-type end truck
    Top-running single drive kit
    Under-running angle-type end truck
    Under-running carriage-type end truck
    Under-running clevis-type
    Under-running dual drive kit
    Under-running hand-geared kit
    Under-running push-type end truck
    Under-running single drive kit


  • Cady Lifters

    Adjustable Low Headroom Beam
    Bartender Racks
    C-Hook Special Options
    CR Single Rail Clamps
    Close Stacking Coil Lifters
    Coil Lifters-Application Guide
    Fixed Lifting Beams
    H-Beam (Super Sack Lifter)
    I.D. Vertical Coil Lifter-Scissor Type
    Lifting Beams-Application Guide
    Lifting Beams-Special Options
    Low Headroom Beam with Fixed Hooks
    MR Multi-Rail Clamps
    MRC Multi-Rail Clamps
    Multi-Purpose Lifting Beam
    Narrow Aisle Coil Lifters
    Pallet Lifters-Adjustable Forks
    Pallet Lifters-Application Guide and Special Options
    Pallet Lifters-Fixed Forks
    Pallet Lifters-Light Weight Wheeled Forks
    Paper Roll Lifter
    RA & RP Rail Clamps
    Sheet Lifters Special Options (Contact Factory)
    Slit Coil C-Hooks
    Standard Coil Lifters
    Telescoping Horizontal Coil Lifters
    Telescoping Sheet Lifters
    Telescoping Vertical I.D. Coil Lifters
    Three Point Beam
    Two Hoist Beam


  • Electrification

    Box track control unit carrier
    Box track festoon system
    Commercial duty cable reels
    Heavy duty cable reels
    Heavy-duty 8-Bar
    PVC jacket - flat cable
    PVC jacket - round cable
    Pivot & swivel bases
    Wire rope festoon system


  • Hoist Accessories

    Adjustable Frequency Drives
    Air Hoist Accessories
    Air Hoist Chain Containers
    Air Hose Trolleys and Reels
    Alloy shank hooks
    Chain wear gauge
    Cyclone Chain Containers and fabric chain bags
    End tools
    Ergonomic handle
    Heavy duty hoist rings
    Hoist and chain safety kits
    Hoist test stand
    Hoist test stand (manually operated)
    Infrared remote control
    Latch kit reference chart
    Latchlok hooks
    Lodestar Fabric Chain Bag
    Lodestar Metal Chain Container
    Replacement latch kits for alloy shank hooks
    Shipyard hooks
    Specialty engineered hoist rings
    Twist Clip for positive locking applications
    Wire Rope Festoon Systems for Air Supply Hose


  • Jib Cranes

    Abell-Howe floor mounted jib crane
    Abell-Howe wall bracket fittings
    Conco Articulated jib crane with air plumbing
    Electrified articulated jib crane
    Wall jib crane kits


  • Lifting Clamps

    CG Heavy duty girder clamp
    CH Heavy duty horizontal plate clamp
    CP Pile pitching clamp
    CR Rail lifting clamp
    CT Heavy duty T or channel section clamp
    CX Heavy duty hinged universal plate clamp
    CY Hinged universal plate clamp
    CZ92 Universal plate clamp
    GS Girder stacking clamp
    HG High grip clamp
    Heavy duty hoist rings
    LJ Gentle grip clamp
    PP Pile pulling clamp
    RH Roller toe horizontal clamp
    SC92T Twin screwlok clamp
    SH Sheet bundle horizontal clamp
    Screwlok beam clamp
    Specialty engineered hoist rings
    TBT Snap-on trolley clamp
    TH Wide mouth clamp
    THK Horizontal thin sheet clamp
    THS Horizontal plate clamp
    TSB Wide jaw gentle grip clamp
    TSC Push travel screwlok trolley clamp
    TSS Gentle grip clamp
    TTG Horizontal girder clamp
    TTR Girder clamp


  • Manual Hoists and Pullers

    AM Army Type Trolley Hoists
    Chain charts hand and lever operated hoists
    Cyclone Army Type Trolley Hoist
    Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist
    Cyclone Low Headroom Trolley Hoist
    GT Series Grip and Pull Wire Rope Lever Tool
    Hurricane Hand Chain Hoist
    Oil Field Puller
    Rigger Lever Tool
    Series 602 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist
    Series 622 Hand Chain Hoist
    Series 640 Puller
    Series 653 - Lever operated hoist
    Short Handle Puller
    Wire Rope Puller
    Zephyr Low Headroom Hoist
    Zephyr Swivel Truck Hoists


  • Overhead Rails

    Loderail Enclosed Track Systems


  • Powered Chain and Air Hoists

    AirStar 6 Air Hoist
    AirStar 6 Air Hoist Cutaway
    AirStar Air Hoist
    AirStar Air Hoist Cutaway
    Chester Low Headroom Electric Hoist
    Lodestar Air XL Pneumatic Chain Hoist
    Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist Cutaway
    Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist and Trolleys
    Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist
    Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist Cutaway
    Powered Hoist Chain Charts
    Powerstar Electric Chain Hoist
    Powerstar Electric Chain Hoist Cutaway
    Powerstar Electric Chain Hoist and Trolleys
    ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist
    Valustar Electric Chain Hoist


  • Powered Wire Rope Hoists

    Air Manipulator Hoist
    Apollo/Polaris optional features
    Apollo Wire Rope Hoist Cutaway
    Apollo Wire Rope Hoists and Trolleys
    Chester PDQ Trolley Hoist
    Polaris Wire Rope Hoist Cutaway
    Polaris Wire Rope Hoists and Trolleys


  • Trolleys

    Chester Tractor Drive
    Lodestar XL with Plain, Geared, and Motor Driven Trolleys
    Lodestar with 635 Low Headroom Trolley
    Lodestar with 635 Motor Driven Trolley
    Model CBT - Plain or Geared Trolleys - Versatile, Economical and Reliable
    Motor Driven Trolley for Air Hoists
    Powerstar with Motor Driven Trolley
    Powerstar with Plain & Geared Trolley
    RailStar Motor Driven Trolley
    Series 632 - Close Radius Trolley
    Series 633 - Wide Range Trolley
    Series 80 - Hand Geared Hook Mounted Trolley
    Series 80 - Push Type Hook Mounted Trolley
    Series 84A Industrial Grade Trolley
    TBT Snap-on trolley clamp
    TSC Push travel screwlok trolley clamp
    Trolley Specifier Chart
    Trolleys for Lug Mounted Air Hoists - Push type and hand-geared

The following are trademarks of Columbus McKinnon Corporation registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: CM, AirStar, Apollo, Big Orange, Cady, Clevlok, Conco, Cyclone, Hammerlok, Herc-Alloy, Herc-Alloy 800, Hoistaloy, Latchlok, Load Limiter, Lodestar, PiggyBack, Polaris, Powerstar, RailStar, Rigger, ShopStar, Valustar.

The following are trademarks of Columbus McKinnon Corporation: LodeRail, Positech, Protector.

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